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Source: Pietrowski, A., 2016.
A recent study has found that the rate of insect population decline is worse than originally thought, leading to the declaration that we are facing an insect armageddon. The insect population was shown to have declined by a frightening 76% since 1989, and this was in a nature reserve. This is a problem because insects provide humans with valuable ecosystem services such as pollination, medicine, decomposition, population and pest control, aesthetic pleasure, cultural value, and food. Declining population levels thus pose a significant threat to humans, not to mention thousands upon thousands of other reliant species. Without insects, entire ecosystems risk collapse and our food supply would be all but gone.  

Anthropogenic impacts on the environment are the reason for the crisis, particularly the increased use of pesticides in agriculture, which has itself expanded to account for 37.5% of the world’s total land use (World Bank Group, 2014). N…

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